An Evening with Ike Reilly and Johnny Hickman

The B-Side

Rebel rocker Ike Reilly and guitar slinger Johnny Hickman (from the band Cracker) plan to trade songs and stories of love, lust, patriotism, and dissidence when they hit the road on tour together this fall. The friends will be playing on the West Coast in November, in the Midwest the first week of December, and in Colorado the second week of December.

This politically charged collaboration is heartbreaking and hilarious. Hickman and Reilly’s musical friendship goes back light years, and the rock ’n’ roll camaraderie they share will be on full display. “I was a fan of Cracker and Johnny before I even considered trying to make a living writing and singing songs,” says Reilly. “Johnny is a master of the killer riff, songs of anthemic defiance, and of the road itself. We’ve become friends, comrades. Our love of real songs and the romantic lies we tell each other about being on the road as troubadours is what helps bind us together. We’ve killed time in bars, clubs, studios, airports, bus stations, green rooms, and motels. Now we’re gonna kill time and audiences from stages together as we set off in search of the slimy, noble America we believe is out there.” Hickman is equally excited about this road outing: “I’ve been an ardent Ike fan for years and consider him one of the best songwriters of his generation, as well as one of my very best friends. We’ve had a few great times performing, hanging, and recording together thus far and have often discussed hitting the road, just the two of us. I’m thrilled and mildly terrified of what might happen!”